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Icon Templates and Templated Icons

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Icontemplated is a community. Imagine that.
What's it a community for? Icon Templates. What a surprise!
Here is a place where you may post two things. Icon Templates or Icons that you've made with icon templates. That's it. That way you can snitch templates and show off what you've made all in one stop! Spiffy. Now here's a few rules...

¤¤ Rules ¤¤

¤ You must use common sense and courtesy when posting to the community. That means be nice, don't spam, flame, advertise, harrass or otherwise be a bother. Please be mature if you do find yourself in a tight spot, we really don't need more drama in our lives.

¤ You may post two things here, Icon Template and Icons that you've made with templates. When posting Icons, please tell us who made the templates, this makes them accessible to others. You may not post simply to advertise an icon journal or community. Of course you may mention their existence, but this is not an advertising board. Anything that doesn't fall under icon templates or templated icons doesn't belong here, please take it elsewhere.

¤ Do not direct link to any of the graphics members make, that's just bad form, it will get you kicked out.

¤ No stealing icons. That's also very bad. If you use templates or icons from here, follow the creator's rules. Each creator is different, so be sure to read carefully. If somebody has stolen your icons, you may not write a big post accusing them of every crime under the sun, deal with is privately.

¤ Posts with more than three templates or icons need to be placed behind a LJ cut. Read about them here. It makes for easier loading.

¤ Icons of any subject matter may be posted...with appropriate warnings. Sex, death and other touchy subject matters must be placed behing a LJ cut with the appropriate warnings. Please use your best discretion. Failure to comply will get you spanked. Otherwise, anime, celebs, and pretty much anything you can dream up can be posted here.

¤ This is not a place to make requests, so please don't go around asking makers to make things for you. This is also not a tutorial site, if you're looking for tutorials on templates or other aspects of icon making try icon_extras.

¤ That said, let the madness ensue! Please enjoy the community.

¤¤ Etc. ¤¤

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